Jailbreak Complete

Well I am back from the good old US of A with iWife and its nice to see that our 2 guest administrators, David & Hugh have not completely destroyed the site. I will be asking them to continue to contribute that their leisure, so thanks guys looking after these iPhone News Addicts!

David gave me his iPhone to take to the US to activate a signal on AT&T and I have got to say that after using it in the real world for two weeks, it has sealed the deal for me. Given that I agreed not to use the iPhone to make calls, I took the SIM out so I only used it on WiFi networks – for which there are many free ones in the US.

I gave the camera a good run for its money and I will be posting some pictures I took from the iPhone and comparing them with some taken with my 7.2mp Sony Camera. The verdict, a 2mp camera is never going to stand up to a 7.2 or a 12mp camera with zoom, but for snapping away on holiday, it did the trick very nice indeed.

Email was a breaze to pick up and when I first synced the iPhone with my Mac, all my email accounts came up, and I have a few for various sites. I sync’ed about 4 different email accounts and managing them was very easy.

The safari browser was great for finding restaurants etc. and google maps works great. I did a test to see the route and distance etc. that google maps gave me against the Hertz Sat Nav – and they where almost the same, so if you plan your route putting in start location and end location, then select the list options, it tells you the turns etc. so it could be used as a very crude sat nav system.

The notes application was really great. Given that we where going to the wine counties of Napa and Sonoma, I wanted to list all the wines we tasted (and it was alot!). I just whipped out the iPhone, went into notes, and tapped away. The keyboard does get easier the more you use it. The great thing with notes, is that when I was finished, I could just tap on the envelope and it converts the note to an email which you can sent to anyone.

MacRumors have reported that Apple could be formulating an official WebApp Directory.

Our readers have noted, and now several sites are reporting that it appears that Apple is gearing to launch an official iPhone Web Application directory.

AppleInsider believes such a directory may launch as early as today. Our readers, as well as 9to5mac, have submitted observations that Apple’s recent download’s RSS feed contains iPhone web applications and a link to a currently inactive portion of Apple’s website: http://www.apple.com/webapps/

As the iPod Touch uses the same mobile Safari web browser as the iPhone, such a directory listing would be applicable to it as well.

Currently, Apple’s supported and official method of developing 3rd party applications is via the Safari web browser. Unofficial native solutions have been derived as well and are still in the process of being updated for Apple’s latest firmware release. Such solutions are not supported by Apple, but have proven to provide more features.