Private or Public

Posting makes everything public. It sends the data around the networks of internet modems or signals, so whatever you do, pieces of it is already transmitted around the world. No matter how many seconds you posted it then suddenly removed, its data is already on the virtual world.


In any networking sites, you have the choice to make it public or private. Private in terms of only those you follow or follow you, will know what you’ve been posting. But if you are going for the public, make sure you are ready for numerous things.


First, be ready to have many account followers that are looking for friends or online dating, it could lead you to be abducted to just add those you really know personally. Then, be ready to have some of your post be scrutinized by people who are passing by. They might insult or praise you, just be careful.


If you are up for business, make sure you have as much exposure as you can, just be careful with bogus buy Instagram views. But, if even those buyers are caught by your advertisement, it means that your market is effective. But, if you are a very cautious seller, you can have a semi private, where you can show the features of your product but not all. If the customer is a sure buyer, then it will be the time they are allowed to see all the designs.


But, how private is private? You may never know. How many computer literate out there can hack your account, sell or make your products look bad. The dangers of internet is everywhere. So better that you just place those you are sure to post, or you are serious about your business, be prepared on the circumstances that might happen. A wise entrepreneur knows how to handle every obstacles.


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